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Appia Life XT 2 Group Easy Cream Coffee Machine

The Two Group Appia Life XT 2 Group Easy Cream Machine is Perfect For Medium  Size Offices – Medium Size Cafe’s – Restaurants and Mobile Vans and Trailers.

Appia Life XT 2 Group Easy Cream
Appia Life XT 2 Group Easy Cream

Features Of Your  Appia Life XT 2 Group Easy Cream Commercial Coffee Machine

The Nuova Simonelli Appia Life XT  commercial coffee machine can perfectly convey high performances for every shot It is a traditional machine conceived for those places that want to offer their customers excellent coffees and cappuccinos, but that have a reduced operative space. The Appia Life XT  is a new Appia Life version with TFT dispLay that grants a better user experience showing the most important data about dose program, counters, cleaning, setting and buttons, and display brightness.


Appia Life is able to prepare up to 250 cappuccinos (2 groups version) on daily basis. The machine consistency is designed and buit with our latest technologies: SIS system,  delivering a perfect and consistent result every time.


Appia Life has DRYTEX THERMICAL technology insulation that reduces 13% of energy consumption compared to the Appia II. Thanks to its new thermal system, new materials, and general optimization of the mechanical components, Appia Life has 20% less environmental impact compared to the Appia II


Appia Life makes productivity even more efficient thanks to its ergonomic style, improving the service speed and assisting the barista in day-to-day performances. Appia Life has been designed to be more efficient when it comes to maintenance too.


The new XT version completes the Appia Life machine family. The performance remains unchanged compared to the standard version, but the Appia Life XT has evolved in the form and in the innovative details that improve the final result.
Technical Data
Appia Life XT 2 Group Easy Cream

Features Of Your Appia Life XT 2 Group Commercial Easy Cream Machine


At only 55cm, Appia Life Compact Easy Cream guarantees a quality espresso and high performance with its 7.5 liter boiler.
Appia Life Compact is available in 240 volts to fit any location.
Despite being only 55 centimeters, Appia Life Compact has the same features as our larger machines. Automatic backflushing, raised group heads, ergonomic portafilters, inox work tray, One inox steam wand, one auto steam wand and a hot water wand.
Perfect Brewing
The SIS (Soft Infusion System) guarantees a soft and creamy espresso shot.
Auto Steam Wand 
The Easy Cream Auto Steam wand tuns every operator into a world class Barista.

Check Out The Incredible Easy Cream Feature In The Video Below