The Best Coffee Machine Service Company

coffee machine serviceOur hard working team of engineers nationwide are on call twenty-four hours a day to attend to and service your coffee machines.

Coffee machines are an expensive, untiring piece of equipment that, like vehicles, need a regular scheduled maintenance.

It is recommended that you have a coffee machine service are inspected and serviced at least once every twelve months, in order to prolong the machines working life, and also lessens the chance of malfunctions and eliminate costly periods of downtime.

Our fine-tuning methods are typically carried out at the location of the machine, to make it as effortless of a process for you. A regular coffee machine service should not much longer than a few hours.

Subject to the model of espresso machine, the regular service will involve:

  • A cleanse and strip of all group heads
  • A strip, thorough scrub, inspection and, if necessary, replacement of all water and steam arms and valves.
  • The replacement of all worn out gaskets, washers, group heads, shower plates and seals
  • A check up on all machine settings, and any adjustments required
  • Everything you need to know about the overall state of the machine, and give advice on any restorations and additional services that may be needed

When on site, we are able to perform a few other important inspections in as well as our servicing package, including a boiler inspection and a calcium treatment unit replacement.

It may come as a surprise to some, but all commercial coffee machines need to have an up to date boiler certificate thanks to the Health & Safety Act of 1974. Consequentially, to adhere to this act, the boiler of your coffee machine requires a regular inspection from a trained, qualified boiler technician. Luckily enough, you can call on us to give a thorough inspection on site, which can be performed alongside your coffee machine’s regular service.

Coffee Machine Service – Calcium Treatment

Calcium treatment units, or CTUs, makes certain that your coffee machine will not be damaged by the accumulation of limescale. Here at Koffeeone, our team of technicians can provide, install and replace calcium treatment units for all commercial and home coffee machines, during or independent of a service.

No matter if your coffee machine was purchased through us or another supplier, our servicing facility is available to all. Call us now to book your annual service.