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Musica Light Portable Home Espresso Machine 

The Musica Light Is One Of  The Very Best Domestic Coffee Machines On The Market 


A high quality copper boiler that is heat insulated for the best energy efficiency. An internal heat exchanger ensures temperature stability for high quality extractions. Complimented with fantastic Digital display lights.

Dedicated to

  • Families
  • Offices
  • Small coffee shops
  • Hotels and B & B’s

Technical specifications

BODYWORK – Materials Stainless steel

BOILER – Capacity 2 lt – Materials Copper

Power 1200 W – Voltage  230 V


Extraction stops automatically when the programmed volume is reached. The control panel offers three settings: short and long, or single and double (with a manual function for continuous flow).
The pre-infusion system is inspired by professional machines to optimize the extraction of aromas from the ground coffee.
In only 32 centimetres, Musica provides a coffee making service for home and office.
High steam production, soundproofed pump, insulated boiler with heat exchanger.
Why Purchase A Nuova Simonelli Musica Home Espresso Machine

Firstly The Nuova Simonelli Musica light tankt is a coffee espresso machine that has quite recently been presented in the market. Essentially alluded to as ‘Musica’.  In addition this espresso machine is fabricated by Nuova Simonelli for making espresso at home or in the workplace. Additionally It is intended for the espresso sweethearts who might need to mix their own espresso without visiting the bistro so frequently. Therefore with Musica, you can have the option to plan up to 60 cups of espresso daily.  Importantly with the goal for you to comprehend the plan and how this espresso machine functions, it is prudent that you read through its highlights that are featured underneath. Treat Yourself today to one of the very best commercial quality home coffee machines today. Subsequently treating yourself to a perfect espresso at home.