Aurelia ii Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia ii espresso coffee machine
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia ii espresso coffee machine
Nuova Simonelli Aurelia ii espresso coffee machine

Features of your  Aurelia ii 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

T3 technology
The T3 system establishes new reference standards for temperature accuracy in water supply. The barista can set the temperature distribution of each group with maximum flexibility, using 3 different parameters (water, group, steam).
Temperature control 
Aurelia II grants a unprecedented accuracy temperature control, regardless of the workload or environmental conditions.
Safe and Comfortable
Great number of ergonomics features: the work surface is evenly lit, while the back is angled so the barista can check at a glance on the coffee coming from the spout, while LED by the steam nozzles are capable of illuminating the interior of the milk jug.
On aurelia both the height and the temperature of every single group can be adjusted to be suited to any use and blend.
Rich in equipment, in the three different versions: semi-automatic, volumetric, competizione and digit, with many useful optional, aurelia suits any need.
External pump regulation
Baristas can regulate the pump without the presence of a technician.
Creamy cappuccinos
The autosteam wand enables anyone to make a thick and velvety milk cream, always at the same temperature.

Specifications: Of Your New Aurelia ii Volumetric 2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine

        Stainless Steel With ABS Insert                                             Boiler Capacity 14 Litres                        Security Valve
        No Vacuum Valve                                                                    Automatic Water Flow                           Volumetric Pump
        Volumetric Dosage                                                                  Gauge Bar Pump                                    Water Level Indicator
       Thermo Compensated Group                                                SIS System                                               Two Steam Wands
       Third Steam Wand                                                                   Cool Touch Wand                                   Hot Water Economiser
       On / Of Electric Cup Warmer                                                  Display LCD                                             On / Off
       Partial / Total Counter                                                             Check Control                                         Automatic Cleaning
       Water Softener Program                                                         Maintenance Program                          Boiler Temp Program
       Milk Temperature Program



 Technical Data


Groups / Versions 2 GR/ 3 GR
Dimensions (mm) L:
815 mm
565 mm
565 mm
1045 mm
565 mm
565 mm
Weight Net – Gross ( Kg ) 76 kg – 82 kg 90 kg – 100 kg
Boiler (lt) 14 Ltr 17 Ltr
Voltage (Volt) 240V 240V
Power (Watt) 4500 5500

Your New Aurelia ii  2 Group Espresso Coffee Machine is Suitable For:

High quality coffee shops, high volume locations, demanding professionals,barista competitors,

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