Nuova Simonelli Microbar Automatic Coffee Machine Portable Version

New technology, new design, new components. It’s innovation at its finest.

The Nuova Simonelli Microbar is the newest, most powerful bean to cup compact machine for coffee corners, offices and restaurants wanting the delight of good quality coffee produced at medium volumes (approximately 80 cups a day).

Ever wanted a coffee machine that’ll take up as much counter space as a 30cm ruler? The Microbar Portable Automatic Coffee Machine is the professional machine that does just that. A versatile machine that can deliver a wide selection of beverages using either the five litre water reservoir or a direct water connection.

The Nuova Simonelli Microbaris the best of its kind, featuring a silent grinder and an all new and improved delivery group with high tech mechanics. The new group speeds up drink preparation time, whilst the extensive use of metal and electronic temperature compensation ensures each coffee extraction is of high quality. Our Nuova Simonelli engineers spent a lot of time and money perfecting the silent grinder unit to create a much more comfortable and quieter machine.

These new additions and upgrades to the crucial internal components of the machine means the Microbar II produces consistently high quality espresso beverages. The featured double pressing system gives the machine the ability to create different types of coffee using the same blend.

Finally, the machine is incredibly easy to maintain. All components, including all groups, solenoid valves and boilers, have a modular design to ensure it is easy to look after the machine.